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    Welcome to LITE 105! We are Dayton's only Soft Rock station, but found worldwide through the XiiaLive application, our website, and TuneGenie!

    We are temporarily streaming Praise 99 as an on air computer went haywire.
    When would you like us to turn on the HOLIDAY LITE? (2014)
    September 24th
    October 14th
    October 29th
    November 1st
    November 14th
    This is not a scientific poll and is for entertainment purposes only. The results of this poll may be used to help better our website

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What's Up at LITE 105??
Welcome to LITE 105 Internet Radio!!

We are now LITE 105 and we will be playing all of your Soft Rock Familiar Favorites from George Harrison, Otis Redding, and on up to Katy Perry! We hope that you enjoy your Smooth Lite Rock Familiar Favorites. If you have any suggestions, let us know!

From 8 PM Saturdays to 5 AM Mondays, we encourage you to listen to our "Christian Sundays" program, where you will hear all of your Contemporary Christian and Gospel Music Favorites. We also mix in Christmas Music as well!

Again, welcome to LITE 105 Internet Radio!

What Song Was That is provided by TuneGenie! You will be able to archive songs for the last 30 days!
Important Information from LITE 105

Welcome to LITE 105! We are very pleased you chose to visit us today!
Check out our Severe Weather Unit! CLICK HERE FOR OUR SEVERE WEATHER UNIT

**Notice from Storm Signal Radio:

Station operated by the Storm Signal Radio Network!


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We are YOUR Home For Soft Rock
Praise 99